Design Layouts for Your Studio Apartments

When it comes to studio apartments in Germantown TN, space is of premium importance and having an appropriate design layout can be considered very important. Quite dissimilar to the other apartment options in which different rooms are present, studio apartment is just a big room. Hence, the layouts for studio apartments must be like the way that allows you to demarcate clearly various living spaces. There is surely the need of bedroom and your living room can be combined with open kitchen. You can use this space for entertaining the friends and must go for a minimalistic and casual décor. As there are no walls in the studio apartments for separating living areas, they need to be created with the help of Chinese screens, room dividers, plush curtains, and draperies.

When it comes to good layouts for the studio apartments, the first thing that you are required to perform is placing the bed in the area that receives maximum sunlight. Next, you can think about ways to conceal the area from the rest of your apartment. Using half wall can be a good choice in case you are allowed for some indoor constructions. But if you’re not then you should think about different other options to block the sleeping space from getting into view. One good idea here is making use of the Chinese screens that are made from bamboo or cane and placing them near the bed. Heavy curtains can also be an option to be used across room’s width for creating the little privacy for you in the apartment. Some handy storage solutions will also be needed in the sleeping area such as some wardrobe or chest, other than your bed.

After tackling your sleeping space, you now need to set up your living area. In case of big window or fireplace, you can think of making it your living area’s focal point by putting some furniture around here. Furnishing your studio apartment through the use of some quality couch having the light color and some colorful cushions can provide you with some cozy look. Using a low table in the center having storage beneath it can be a good idea for your studio apartment. A couple of coffee tables combined with the metallic lamp can be a source of providing the warm glow to your room.

When you have limited space available for you to work with, you need to make wise use of the available space. You need to make proper use of every inch available in your studio apartment. One quiet nook can be created in your apartment it has an attached balcony. You can place a table there with a couple of chairs around it along with paper lantern and a few flower pots placed on the table. Demarcating dining area and the kitchen from your living space can be a good idea, and you can do this coloring the kitchen walls in a dark color.